“…a Multitude Of Insights, Discoveries, And a Renewed Vigor…”

Can I help you attain clarity, overcome obstacles, and reach your personal and professional goals? I won’t know until you contact me. But here’s what others say:

“Bill Murphy has become an indispensable member of my team. He continues to inspire me to think outside my preconceptions and cast a larger vision for what is possible. His heart and soul delve deeply into the spiritual underpinnings of life, which bring meaning and true freedom to the business and marketing sides of my life. I’m grateful to be working with Bill as a publicist and to have him as a good friend.”

– Udana Power, Actress, Writer, Entrepreneur, Investor

“My work with Bill Murphy has generated a multitude of insights, discoveries, and a renewed vigor of what I’m capable of accomplishing. Bill’s ability to listen both intuitively and accurately allows him to mirror your growth and potential. My work with Bill has been value-packed and should keep paying off for years to come.”

– Timothy M. Cusack, “Ph.D.”

“Bill Murphy’s deep and thoughtful insight and effective, clear direction has profoundly helped to change my life in a very positive way! His non-judgmental approach to listening allowed me to feel comfortable and his sense of humor put me at ease. Bill’s compassion for people shows in everything that he does, and his teaching and wisdom are invaluable when facing the challenges of life.”

– Saij MW

“I have the great fortune to name Bill Murphy as a friend for many years. He is not only one of the smartest and most dedicated marketers I have ever encountered, he is something else entirely. And the magical thing is that you don’t even notice him doing it: He makes you become a better you. ‘Life Coach’ does not begin to explain it. Great listener, careful nudger, harsh pusher. All of this is Bill Murphy. He can be someone you want to hug and never stop and someone you want to shout at relentlessly. He is honest and dedicated. He is faithful and supportive. He is eloquent, humble and loving. And, most importantly, he will make sure you will realize your full potential. How he does it: no idea. But it never feels like you are being coached. He just makes doors open you never even knew existed. I am happy to continue to have Bill in my life. If you let him, he will change yours. But don’t expect an easy way out or a free ride!”

– Ulf Z.

“Even from our first meeting, I have found it so easy to share with Bill, whether on a trivial level or on a deeply personal level…there is never any judgment…only understanding and compassion. On several occasions, he has been instrumental in helping me to see, understand, and make some much-needed changes in my life.”

– Shelly D.

“I have worked with Bill for several years now and am always happily surprised by his gentle and ever-attentive way of not only listening, but also providing advice with ease. I have noticed that not only have I embarked upon a more prosperous career; I also have the tools to make more concise decisions that have benefited me both professionally and personally. I am of course most happy with how my personal relationships have changed (for the better) not only with my family, friends, and co-workers; but with myself as well. Bill has taught me some of the most wonderful tools that have had a ripple effect with those who have come in contact with me. I smile more. I laugh out loud more. I listen more. I forgive without judgment. I am more grateful for the little things in life. Thank you, Bill, for your tireless work and compassionate heart.”

– Melanie Y.

If you’d like me to help you gain the confidence and clarity you need to make clearer life decisions, contact me.