How May I Help You?

I used to work for advertising agencies here and there in the Midwest, serving some of the biggest clients in the world (see partial list below). But I wanted my own gig. So, in 1999, I started PurpleCrayon Direct. (“Purple Crayon” was an homage to my favorite children’s book. “Direct” was a reference to my chosen profession – Direct Marketing.)

But, to be honest, over time I realized that I wasn’t passionate about selling widgets. But I was passionate about the arts.

So, in 2003 or so, I changed the focus of PurpleCrayon Direct. I became a marketing consultant exclusively for artists of all stripes.

After serving the arts community for a decade – again, working with some exceptionally talented people, known around the world – I realized that what gave me the most joy was the work I was doing with people on a more personal level. It was then (early 2015) that I knew I had to change PurpleCrayon Direct again. In fact, I had to draw that chapter of my life to a close and start something new.

Some call it Life Coaching. Others might use the term Spiritual Guidance. I call it Personal and Professional Life Direction.

Whatever its name, it starts with me asking, “How may I help you?” and then listening. A lot. Occasionally, I will ask questions…and then listen again. Oh, and I enjoy using the white board in my office because it visually shows clients what they’re saying out loud. Often, what I write surprises them because they didn’t know they were thinking it. (At the very least, it looks cool to fill a white board with words as one confidently gestures and points like a university professor, another thing I used to be).

In the end, the results are extraordinary. And extraordinarily fun. And even more extraordinarily inspiring.

When people attain clarity and confidence they are able to choose their own direction, with wisdom…and then boldly set forth on their chosen path.

So, that’s why I do what I do.

And here you are.

How may I help you?


  • Over 25 years of experience helping clients (corporate and personal) discover solutions, overcome challenges
  • Masters degree in Communication
  • Former adjunct university professor
  • Authorized meditation teacher
  • Gifted facilitator of meetings, book clubs, and prayer groups

Here’s a partial list of companies/organizations/people with whom I have worked in years past:


  • Udana Power (actress, singer, author, screenwriter, entrepreneur)
  • Tim Cusack (author, motivational speaker)
  • Win Jones (watercolorist)
  • Judy Barnewolt-Jones (watercolorist)
  • George Winston, pianist
  • ProgPower USA (America’s Premiere metal fest)
  • Nightmare Records
  • Photography By Sasha
  • Big Mo Trains
  • Zondervan/HarperCollins Christian Publishing
  • Community Circle Theatre
  • West Michigan Film and Video Alliance
  • Humane Society of Kent County
  • House of Staunton (makers of fine chess sets and equipment)
  • Motion Picture Makers, Inc.
  • Philip Michael Thomas (Miami Vice actor)
  • Hadden Sayers (Blues musician)
  • Six Flags


  • Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Kansas City
  • Missouri Valley Life & Health
  • University of Chicago Perspectives in Biology and Medicine


  • Philips Medical Systems
  • Marquette Medical Systems
  • Elekta Oncology


  • Anheuser-Busch Employees’ Credit Union
  • Provident Bank of Maryland
  • First Bank
  • Boatmen’s Bank
  • Norwest


  • The Dow Chemical Company
  • Komatsu America
  • Siemens Dematic/Rapistan
  • Miller Electric
  • Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley
  • Spacelabs Burdick
  • Service Express Computer Service Solutions

Contact me. You talk. I’ll listen